Getting to The Other Side of Victory is a powerful read that beautifully encompasses Donna Hopkins’ journey for survival.  She managed to find quiet strength, even when her faith was deeply tested.  Throughout the book, I found myself crying with empathy as she revealed her darkest times, yet chuckling at the humor she sustained nonetheless; a sign of a true victorious spirit! -Sarah Mathews, Bridgewater College, Head Women’s Basketball Coach – July 2020

For years, I’ve had much love and respect for Donna…and that’s much stronger now after reading her incredible book. This is such an inspiring piece of work that hits home with so many emotions and details that allow us to experience her journey. And trust me: Anyone can relate to this in some form or fashion. Kudos to this spiritual sister for sharing! -Jarrett Bell NFL Columnist, USA TODAY – January 2018

Donna’s motivation and drive to be the best is very impressive, but what is most impressive is how she lives her life. Her amputation has not slowed her down or kept her down like many people who suffer an amputation. She lives life to the fullest. She is strong, determined elegant and full of life. I have never seen her down or despondent. She has mentored other patients and is a role model for others that have suffered an amputation. Donna continues to move forward with energy and exuberance. -Mike Corcoran Co-founder Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics (MCOP) – January 2018

“Getting To The Other Side of Victory” is an inspiring, energizing and moving story. Donna Hopkins tapped into a reservoir of incredible strength and perseverance, personifying the expression “to never give up.” To those facing any kind of adversity, her example is encouragement that you, too, have what it takes to be an overcomer! -James Brown Network Broadcaster CBS Sports & CBS News – January 2018