Coming April of 2018, the release – “Getting to the other side of Victory”

Sometimes, like it or not, we don’t get to make the call on what we have to face in life.

Getting to the Other Side of Victory is a true demonstration of what happens when life goes from bright hopes to a seemingly dim light in a tunnel. It takes courage, tenacity, and a strong will to fight through some of the most hopeless times, but even more, it takes a God-centered belief and relationship to believe beyond what you can see in your current circumstances. It is so easy to believe the negative reports, thoughts, and commentary that people say to us, and we even tell ourselves quite frequently. Those things like, “You’re never going to make it out of this,” “There’s no way you can beat this,” “Who is ever going to want you after this.”  The more you hear it, the easier it becomes to believe it.

Getting to the other side of Victory is not only a tale of battles, but a story of triumph. It evokes the luminous spirit of Donna Hopkins. Her story is inspiring, energizing and sincerely moving. A reservoir of incredible strength, she shows us the importance of not giving up; she speaks to the fighter that can be found in all of us. Donna’s life serves as a reminder to all of us that we are stronger than we think. Her story is invaluable to anyone who is facing any type of adversity, challenge or difficulty and has the desire to rise above what they have gone through. Come along as she walks you through the miraculous journey to becoming a two-time breast cancer survivor and thriving amputee.

The making of each one of us happens in the process of going through.  A new level of who we are, happens in the process, healing comes in the process, all to help us to move forward to victory. – Donna Hopkins